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Internet Support for your PC  (including Virus, Adware, Spyware, configuration, etc)

NormsNerds offers Internet support to customers who have their PC connected with a High Speed connection. A free Tool we use  for support (sharing your screen) can be downloaded & Installed from  https://join.me    Simply answer yes or okay at each installation step. The Program will provide you a unique 9 digit code (Temporary code for your PC)  In order for anyone to connect to your PC you must first be running the program, and provide the 9 digit code. To allow remote control of your PC you must also click on an allow prompt on your screen. You can watch and terminate the session at any time.

PayPal will send NormNerds an Email as soon as you provide them your information.

Internet Support
PC's name (Home, Office, etc)


Key Benefits

  • Internet support can often provide quick resolution to many issues and avoids travel costs.
  • Using Payment by PayPal we only receive a credit from PayPal not your card number. PayPal is used as the primary payment method on and is owned by EBAY.




Last modified: 11/15/18